Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2011 Main Event – By the Numbers

Total # of Entries: 6,865
Game: No Limit Texas Hold’em
Entry Fee: $10,000
Net Prize Pool: $64,531,000

Final Table:
9 payers
7 countries.
205,925,000 chips
$28,269,365 prize money

Entries by Day:
1A: 897
1B: 978 1C: 2,171 1D: 2,809
2A: 2,031 2B: 2,490
Total Day 2 Players: 4,521
Total Day 3 Players: 1,865
Total Day 4 Players: 853
Total Day 5 Players: 378
Total Day 6 Players: 142
Total Day 7 Players: 57
Total Day 8 Players: 22

Players in the Money: 693
1st Place Prize: $8,711,956
2nd Place Prize: $5,430,928
3rd Place Prize: $4,019,635
4th Place Prize: $3,011,665
5th Place Prize: $2,268,909
6th Place Prize: $1,720,396
7th Place Prize: $1,313,851
8th Place Prize: $1,009,910
9th Place Prize: $782,115
*Note: Final 9 players will receive 9th place prize money on July 20 and the rest of the money will be placed in an interestbearing
account to be added to the prize pool on a percentage basis for the final 8 finishers.
693rd place pays (last place): $19,359

Monday, June 6, 2011

First hand in Omaha tournanment

First hand

In the first hand of PLO tournament I bet the pot preflop, and the flop gave me the nut flush, so I bet the pot again. One of the players went all in. To see the rest of the hand move your mouse over the picture.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My New Card Protector

Last week I found online two interestiong coins, and decided to buy both and use as a card protector in poker games. I recomend it to all patriots and poker players.

The Freedom Coin was designed by a 20 year veteran of the US Navy by way of a dream he had that woke him up in the middle of the night. The Freedom Coin is a result of that dream.

The American Patriots Medallion as a gift, an award, or as a way to teach our children and grandchildren about the special place in which they live

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Online Poker After The Black Friday

Two weeks ago the Obama administration has just trampled on the rights of millions of Americans. This is also a scary reminder of President Obama's vision of a government with the power to shut down websites it doesn't like, before a trial has even started. The adults should have the right to gamble with their own money. Government has no business interfering. Congress should repeal the laws that prohibit gambling, whatever the format.

The shut down of the big three online poker sites is not the end of the online poker for americans. Just the last week I received a few emails from an "american friendly" poker sites. So, if you need your daily fix of online poker you can join one of the smaller sites that accept (for now) US players, and many offer rake back from 33%-50% and double rewards. Just Google "us online poker" and you will find many sites like,, and multiple sites from the Merge netrwork.

CakePoker।com has long been one of the most popular U.S.-friendly rooms and is still taking U.S. players.

Make a deposit at, enter the bonus code BCP375 and you will be rewarded with a 75% bonus of up to $375. And now the good news, this bonus can be claimed as many times as you'd like. is now offering a brand new Aced Poker Bonus Code! This bonus is a 100% initial deposit bonus of up to $600. To get this Aced Poker Bonus, you need to use the Aced Bonus Code: ACED

At and you can play unlimited risk free online poker for a flat $19.95 monthly membership fee.
All of you from Madison may know Mike Murphy। Mike is promoting many poker sites and can refer you to a best deal। You can find Mike on

The newest site I found is It's american friendly, and you can play just online using your browser, or you can download their Poker Room software. has an interesting option with tables that use your webcam so you can see everyone at the table. Try it, it's fun. My favorite game at is $2-$4 PLO, and you can find me often at the table.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WPT Hand

Last week at WPT final table I saw an interesting hand. It started with a pre-flop raise by Jason holding 6,5 and bravely bluffing all the way to the river. Click on the photo to see all cards.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The $500 Poker Challenge

John Hhayes "$500 Poker Challenge" articles

The Challenge: Start with $500 and build a poker bankroll over a period of one year into a bankroll for higher-stakes games.

1. You can only play in a casino.
2. You cannot play online or in a home game (see Rule 1: only in casinos).
3. You are allowed to accept stake from backers for tournaments or cash games, but the data must be logged.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Playing electronic poker table at Dejope

I stil don't have the final oppion on this type of poker game, but I noticed that the game at Dejope is more lose than the games I play with live chips. This AK hand made me about $150.

During the game you can check your stats. In my previous game at the table I saw the flop just 21% of the time. Today I decided to play more hand and in the first two hours I saw 43% of all flops. By the end of five hours that number went down to 34.70%.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to get paid

It’s Friday night at the Ho-Chunk, after work. I started good, but than with AQ run into a guy with AK ad lost about $130. Well wait a minute buddy, I hope you don't leave before I get you. A few hands later the same player raised $16 pre-flop.

I looked at my suited 8,7 and asked my self is this a moment to get my chips back. I have a dealer's button known as "the bad play button" so with the position I decided to join other five callers.

Pot was about $100 when I floped the straight. Now, I need to get paid. I decided to bet $25 on the flop and keep him a hand if he has a pair or AK. He called and and I knew he has a big ace. With an over pair he should raise.

The turn card was a king and I start repeating to myself "please let him have AK, please AK ...", and I made $75 bet. He called and I knew he has a king or two. The river couldn’t help him, so after a short "Hollywood act" I went all in and he called.

Well done Mr. Wegas.