Sunday, October 25, 2009

Folding Top-Top

I'm playing $0.34 Step2 on UltimateBet. In a trhird hand UTG I get AK and raise to $90, and get four calls. Flop is king high so I bet $120 and only one player calls. After the turn card I made fast pot size bet $645. My opponet shows AK and mucks. Than we started  to chat.

I couldn't understand his fold just based on 34 cents buyin.
<< Result for Hand 1959723335 >>
NAVAJO GUY wins (645 chips).
NAVAJO GUY: you are insane
NUTSKILLS: what did u have
NAVAJO GUY: in 34 cent game
WAGNER2000: how do you fold that
WAGNER2000: lol
NUTSKILLS: and what u think i care i go by my reads
NAVAJO GUY: read? Based on what
WAGNER2000: weird............for lilke numbskull not nutskills
NAVAJO GUY: in 34 cent game
NAVAJO GUY: how about AJ
NUTSKILLS: whatever
NUTSKILLS: i no u had me
NUTSKILLS: or was a split im not stupid
NAVAJO GUY: It's OK, not bad just strange
WAGNER2000: lol
NUTSKILLS: thought u had me thats all
WAGNER2000: it was a good lay down none the less
NUTSKILLS: coz u raised then lyk 3 people called
NUTSKILLS: then u couldnt wait to get it allin
NUTSKILLS: so wasnt really good spot
NAVAJO GUY: in 34 cent game

P.S. NUTSKILLS finished at 5th place. I was 2nd and made Step3.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nice try Mr. Wegas

This was four hour long game. It started with 420 players, but during the late registration we got another 600+, so the total was 1059 players. I don't like to play online tournaments with more than 300 players, and I can't stay late after midnight. My plan was just to kill some time so I selected this $10+1 buy in tournament.

I started with two bluffs and one good pot so I had more than double amount of starting chips. After about 20 minutes in the game, came the hand where I had a pocket nines and six limpers. On the button I decided I can't play against six of them, so went all in pre flop, and got one call. I saw the flop and the flashing neon sign before my eyes with a four letter word that starts with "F". On the river came the card that showed one more time why trip jacks can't beat set of nines. I got a $2 bounty, some chips and the hope that this may be my lucky night.

After playing for three hours there was only 60 players left. I had an average stack and average 33rd position. The rest of the game you can see on the video.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where is the end?

It's Sunday afternoon. I'm watching the footbal on TV and playing Steps on UB. 
Just can't win. Ten minutes ago my aces got cracked by runing nines. 
I started another Step table. After only a few hands, a bad beat ... than
I go all in.
an idiot calls with 2,3  (... but it was suited)
I flop my Ace.
it's amazing ... endless
who are these people?