Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nice try Mr. Wegas

This was four hour long game. It started with 420 players, but during the late registration we got another 600+, so the total was 1059 players. I don't like to play online tournaments with more than 300 players, and I can't stay late after midnight. My plan was just to kill some time so I selected this $10+1 buy in tournament.

I started with two bluffs and one good pot so I had more than double amount of starting chips. After about 20 minutes in the game, came the hand where I had a pocket nines and six limpers. On the button I decided I can't play against six of them, so went all in pre flop, and got one call. I saw the flop and the flashing neon sign before my eyes with a four letter word that starts with "F". On the river came the card that showed one more time why trip jacks can't beat set of nines. I got a $2 bounty, some chips and the hope that this may be my lucky night.

After playing for three hours there was only 60 players left. I had an average stack and average 33rd position. The rest of the game you can see on the video.

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