Sunday, October 25, 2009

Folding Top-Top

I'm playing $0.34 Step2 on UltimateBet. In a trhird hand UTG I get AK and raise to $90, and get four calls. Flop is king high so I bet $120 and only one player calls. After the turn card I made fast pot size bet $645. My opponet shows AK and mucks. Than we started  to chat.

I couldn't understand his fold just based on 34 cents buyin.
<< Result for Hand 1959723335 >>
NAVAJO GUY wins (645 chips).
NAVAJO GUY: you are insane
NUTSKILLS: what did u have
NAVAJO GUY: in 34 cent game
WAGNER2000: how do you fold that
WAGNER2000: lol
NUTSKILLS: and what u think i care i go by my reads
NAVAJO GUY: read? Based on what
WAGNER2000: weird............for lilke numbskull not nutskills
NAVAJO GUY: in 34 cent game
NAVAJO GUY: how about AJ
NUTSKILLS: whatever
NUTSKILLS: i no u had me
NUTSKILLS: or was a split im not stupid
NAVAJO GUY: It's OK, not bad just strange
WAGNER2000: lol
NUTSKILLS: thought u had me thats all
WAGNER2000: it was a good lay down none the less
NUTSKILLS: coz u raised then lyk 3 people called
NUTSKILLS: then u couldnt wait to get it allin
NUTSKILLS: so wasnt really good spot
NAVAJO GUY: in 34 cent game

P.S. NUTSKILLS finished at 5th place. I was 2nd and made Step3.

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  1. lmao this is too funny i typed in my online poker name "nutskills" into google and this hand came up i remembered straight away the hand before i even seen the chat i knew at the time he def had aa or ak and i wasnt calling hoping to chop the pot now i know for def i was ryt lol lyk i already didnt ahahahhahaha tryed to tell me he had aj llf