Saturday, September 12, 2015

How Jonathan Little takes notes at the poker table

Boring game

Looks like poker is becoming boring for me. Reminds me on my marriage days, same shit every day.

For six years while I lived in Madison, WI it was not hard for me to drive every day many miles to find a game in Monroe, Peoli, Baraboo Ho-Chunk, Potawatomi in Milwaukee and even three hours to Horseshoe in Indiana.

I averaged 230 sessions with 1061 hour per year . Than I moved to Cali and the casino was just 8 miles from my house, so for the next two years I played on average 257 sessions and 987 hours. Exactly year ago I moved to Las Vegas. I have many games available at any time of the day or the week. However I lost a desire to go to play. In one year in Las Vegas I played 141 session for 552 hours. In the last 100 days I played only 23 times for 117 hours. During WSOP I went to Rio only once, and that was not to play, but to cheer PokerH0 on day six of the Main Event.

Week ago I went to Venetian after three weeks without poker. I set UTG with $200 in 1-2 game. The dealer asked if I want to wait for the button to pass. I said 'No' and my first thought was 'watch it now when I lose all-in in a first hand'. I look at my cards and see KK. 'Here we go, I knew it'. Raise $15 and a few callers. Flop JJ7 and the BB bets $25. Hmmm .... with a jack most people would check .... I need to test him, so I raised $65. Now, the next player looks for a while and said All-in. BB blind also All-in. This is easy now and I folded. Some stupid running cards came, and they show AJ and 77.

That's how my luck runs. Beaten on the flop not by one but both players. It cost me only $80 and I had an option to fold on the flop. It took the next 5 hours of long and slow boring game to win back my money and have plus $105. Five hours, I'm dying ... it's time to go home. The moment the words "go home" entered my mind I get QQ (as usual). Raise, re-raise and I go all-in for $305. The idiot in BB calls and shows A10 off. Flop is AA7 .... I stand up and go home.

Big pocket pair

We all played this same hand, and with three opponents you guess that there may be one 9 in play, and you still go all-in..... Well, when you are Jonathan Little (my favorite player) you go all-in and everyone folds, and you make the final table of $5200 buy-in tournament. Than you go home and you make the "instructional video" and show me this "move", and with no shame ask me to to pay $67 to hear the rest of your story and how lucky you are. The irony is he calls it "When running bad" Is that "bad" like in Michael Jackson song, or really bad. Give me a break. I may have a long ears, but I'm no donkey.
The hand is at 4:40 of this video

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Easy fold, or is it?

Read the article The (Second) Best Fold of All Time

This man wanted to get paid.
It didn’t matter that he had bluffed off several times before, or that he was stuck, frustrated, and perhaps playing too many hands. My read was that he wanted to get unstuck and this was his hand to do it.