Saturday, September 12, 2015

Boring game

Looks like poker is becoming boring for me. Reminds me on my marriage days, same shit every day.

For six years while I lived in Madison, WI it was not hard for me to drive every day many miles to find a game in Monroe, Peoli, Baraboo Ho-Chunk, Potawatomi in Milwaukee and even three hours to Horseshoe in Indiana.

I averaged 230 sessions with 1061 hour per year . Than I moved to Cali and the casino was just 8 miles from my house, so for the next two years I played on average 257 sessions and 987 hours. Exactly year ago I moved to Las Vegas. I have many games available at any time of the day or the week. However I lost a desire to go to play. In one year in Las Vegas I played 141 session for 552 hours. In the last 100 days I played only 23 times for 117 hours. During WSOP I went to Rio only once, and that was not to play, but to cheer PokerH0 on day six of the Main Event.

Week ago I went to Venetian after three weeks without poker. I set UTG with $200 in 1-2 game. The dealer asked if I want to wait for the button to pass. I said 'No' and my first thought was 'watch it now when I lose all-in in a first hand'. I look at my cards and see KK. 'Here we go, I knew it'. Raise $15 and a few callers. Flop JJ7 and the BB bets $25. Hmmm .... with a jack most people would check .... I need to test him, so I raised $65. Now, the next player looks for a while and said All-in. BB blind also All-in. This is easy now and I folded. Some stupid running cards came, and they show AJ and 77.

That's how my luck runs. Beaten on the flop not by one but both players. It cost me only $80 and I had an option to fold on the flop. It took the next 5 hours of long and slow boring game to win back my money and have plus $105. Five hours, I'm dying ... it's time to go home. The moment the words "go home" entered my mind I get QQ (as usual). Raise, re-raise and I go all-in for $305. The idiot in BB calls and shows A10 off. Flop is AA7 .... I stand up and go home.

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  1. "Reminds me on my marriage days, same shit every day" lol. you made my day!