Thursday, August 19, 2010

Traits Of Poker Player

Here's the truth you don't want to hear. I know it hurts even to think about it, but brother you are a loser. Yeah, I know the word "loser" may offend you, bat there are the facts.

Many experts estimate that because of the rake, tips, and other expenses 85%-90% of all card room and online players are long-term losers. Jay Lovinger, an ESPN columnist, says the numbers are even worse. There is no data to support this for live games, but that is easy to track for online poker sites. Two sites revealed that only 8% and 7% respectively, of all players on their sites finish the year in black.

Is it possible to train like for any profession and become a winning poker player. The book "Poker Winners Are Different" by Alan N. Schoonmaker talks about characteristics of the winners. I orderd the book just based on the chapter titles that can be used as points to analyze yourself.

Dr. Alan Schoonmaker, author of four books on industrial psychology (in which he holds a Ph.D.) as well as numerous poker articles and three other books that focus on psychological issues in poker. I believe that this book can help you more become a winning poker player, than any other poker-math book.

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