Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Omaha Book

I just received in the mail a new book I ordered at Opened it, read a few pages and got so excited .... I have to share it with you. It's "Secrets of Pot Limit Omaha" by Rolf Slootboom. Rolf is a professional poker player from Holland and Omaha expert with unortodox style of playing. Omaha is my new poker interest. I really want to learn the game, and if possible play it on the higher level. I did a research on existing Omaha books. I found three I can recommend to you. First one is “Omaha Poker” by Bob Ciaffone written in 1984 and updated for 21st century edition. Bob is more known as the author of “Robert’s rules of poker”. Second is “Pot-Limit Omaha” by Jeff Hwang. If you read this book you may understand and define for yourself what are your goals when playing Omaha. You can also read Jeff's Omaha column in Card Player magazine.
Foreword to Rolf's book was wtitten by Rob Hollink, another succesful European player. “… I have discussed his pot-limit Omaha game with numerous other players for years. The reason he was the center of our discussion so often, was because his irritating game was extremely hard to beat. Irritating. Yes, extremely irritating, that’s the way I always felt about his game. I’m pretty sure that no one in the whole world was more sick abut his game than I. But I knew full well that this feeling was caused by my own inability to react to his strategy in a proper way. Actualy, frustation with my own limitations was what made me sick.”
Don't you want to learn from someone like this? I can't wait.
Here are my latest library favorites. Most of them are about $10, and a must for every poker library. Just click and order. Free shipping on orders more than $25.

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