Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Week 32-2008

This week started as usuall at “The Bean”. This game is played in the bar, and scheduled for Mondays at 7:00PM, but recently interest is so high that at 1-2 Holdem table there is no open seat after 6:15PM. I went there after work. At the table usual crowd: Rodger, Melvin, Petza, Bruce, Pez, Tok, Scuba, Curley, Dustin (Captain America), and Tina(the only girl). Before 6:30pm we had a waiting list with 4 names. This game is usually more “wild” and with a lot of cash on the table.
I started slow. No cards to play. One hour later a bad hand and I had to re-buy. I’m in for $200. Another hour of bad cards, I can’t even bluff. Than Tina suggested to swap a seat with her. A few hands later she got pocket Kings and won a first hand. “Nice seat change baby $@#$!%....” She got another good hand and I start thinking $@#^&$..... Than it started. I got several nice hands like two times pocket Aces, kings … I limped both times with aces and won big pots. It was going good. I could feel the game, so I start playing ‘Tin Cup way’, and had a few bluffs that worked. I was up over $700. At 10:30pm we switch the game to round-by-round and started Omaha Pot Limit (PLO). I didn’t have a real hand to play. About hour later we had a bead beat of the night. Lucky me, I was not in the hand. Pez raised to $17 before the flop with pocket Aces. I folded. On my left Melvin made a call. I saw his cards 2,3 off suit. I had a feeling we can see some action here. There was one more call. Flop 7,3,3 ……. Bingo! As you can guess Pez had to bet, Melvin called, and by the river they were all in. When Melvin showed 2,3 the whole table exploded. There is always some joy for the guy who can make a play like that even we call him a donkey.
My bad beat. Not that bad, about $250, but … In PLO I’m on the button. Flop J,7,4 rainbow. I have two pairs: Jacks and Sevens. Captain America (had like 7 re-buys) is betting every street. I know he has no clue how to play Omaha, so I just called his bets including all in on the river. Came Q,K; to make him a nut straight with AQ10x. He’s an idiot. Next hand he played the same way with only one pair of Jacks. Pot was over $500 and on the river he was 'all in' for the last $52. Melvin folded two pair ?????? Wow … hmm … No comment. Donkeys.
Pete-za cracked someone's aces, but lost the next hand with pocket rockets.
I finished the night up $675.
I don’t want to talk about it. In the first three hands of the night I had pocket Queens, Jacks, and nines. Lost $200. I was card dead for 6 hour. Played like an idiot a few hands and lost $400. There was only one interesting hand. My last re-buy. I had about $110. I wanted to play only some big pair and try to double up. I saw my first card 2h ... $@#! I can’t take it anymore, and I wanted to fold without looking at the second card, but I noticed I’m the BB(big blind). Second card was 2c. OK, I’ll stay for my $2 and see if I can flop a set. Well than “Whiskers” raised to $12. OK I’ll just fold …… But, I’m so mad and I called. Hey, flop was Q,J,2. I checked, Tok bets $30, Whiskers min-raised to $60. Ufff is that a set of Jacks or Queens???? I may need another deuce. "OK boys, I’m all in". That was my Tin Cup play. Toc called(two pair or..), Whiskers folded, and I got quad deuces on the river. Pot was over $300.