Thursday, July 16, 2009

Poker Tracker

Being successful at poker not only involves thinking about cards and bets, you also need to be thinking about your game habits. When and how much do you play, where and when do your winning sessions occur? Do you know your hourly win rate in cash games and online tournaments? Can you tell how profitable one home game is compared to the other?

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Free Poker Game Tracker by Mr. Wegas
To track my games I started with a simple Excel spreadsheet, but later I created a dabase in MS Access 2000. You can download this program and use it. After a few weeks, if you have any new ideas for more reports or functionality, let me know and I can make some changes. You need MS Access on your computer to use this tracking tool. Access is part of MS Office, but not included in basic versions.

MS Access Click to Download Free Poker Tracker Database

Screen shot of the main Poker Game Tracker window with sample data.

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