Sunday, July 19, 2009

Runner, Runner For $74,223

It's Sunday, just before midnight, and I’m watching two PLO tables on Full Tilt. Blinds are $200/$400 with $70 ante. The Great Gus Hansen is in the small blind. UTG makes it $1,400, call, fold and Gus makes it $6,420 to go. BB folds, UTG raises to $21,480 and the next player calls all in for $15,568. On the flop UTG goes all in for $7,439 and Gus calls. Total pot is $74,223.

Gus Hansen was playing three tables. I was watching two tables for about 30 minutes. When I opened the tables, Gus had about $14,000 on one and over $53,000 on the second. Just a half hour later when I left he had over $280,000. On the third table he was all the time about $60K.

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