Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week 30-2009 Boring, boring, boring ....

I decided to take some rest and played only 3 times this week, total of 21 hour and -$153.
Thursday I played the $50 tournament at the Red Mouse, and made a final table, but no cigar. Reggie's A,J made the four card flush against my pocket queens. Later in the cash game I made $100, and I was pleased to end the night plus $50. I won just one hand with pocket nines and the flop 9,8,8.
Friday in Scott's game no excitement, but at the end of night I lost two hands in a row and recorded -$260.
Saturday at Ho-Chunk I was up in Holdem $130, and than lost $70 in Omaha, but the night was positive $60.

Can someone tell me how professional players pay rent when they are card dead for two months?

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