Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ace on the river

I'm playing a qualifyer to $100 buy in Aruba satellite that leads to a main $500 buy in Aruba satellite. This qualifier is free; I'm usinig my UB points.

With pocket Aces I was all in pre flop. On the turn my first thought was "Fuck..." My second thought was "Ace." Than came the river.

Two hands later my opponet got lucky. I made a mistake trying to trap him when I checked the flop.  I went all in on the turn in a bad moment.

Next hand I got my chips back from the same opponent. This time all in on the turn was a good move.

The trap worked this time. I checked pre flop. With on the flop check-raise-all in, I won the satelitte.

What's my name? --- Mr. Wegas
What's my name? --- Mr. Wegas
I can't hear you! ----- Mr. Wegas


  1. Congrats Dule,

    Good luck in Aruba!!!


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  3. Scott, this was just a qualifier. After this one I made it to a $100 buy in satelitte that sends 27 players to a main $500 buyin Aruba satelitte. I finished 37th when my pocket pair and all in preflop got cracked by some off suit junk that made two pair on the river. At that moment I was in top 10, but with to many donkeys at the table.