Saturday, September 19, 2009

Aruba - Step Nine - check

I just finished playing Step 9 and I advanced to final Step 10. Buy in for this step is $2,350 and the prize for top two is $8,500 package for Aruba Poker Classic that starts in two weeks. Third place gets to replay Step 10, and fourth gets cash $900. Aruba main event is the big prize, and I spent only a few dollars. It took me a few weeks to make it this far, but I'm sure in two weeks I'll be sending you a postcard from Aruba. On the picture(left) you can see the final hand. I folded my big blind when my both opponents went all in preflop. That was exactly I was waiting for.

The game was slow and a few times i was down to $1,300 from starting $2,000, but I always made it back to about $2,200. I got lucky break and made a straight on the river. We were all in and my opponent flopped two pair. The second double up came in the hand below. I became a chip leader with over $9,000.

I'm excited to be so close to a big important tournament. Right now I feel afraid to start the final game. I know it'll be slow and it requires patience. But playing these qualifiers I learned to wait for the right moment. There is only 2-3 days left to complete the Step 10, so I cannot afford any mistake. Wish me good luck.

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  1. Good Luck Dule, hope you make it to Aruba!!!

    Scott and BP friends