Saturday, September 12, 2009

Aruba - Step Seven - check

I'm in the step 8. After playing satellites for a few weeks I developed a strategy that will take me to Aruba. I used it yesterday and today and it was smooth sailing from step 3 to 7. Buy in for Step 3 is $1.10. I hope that magic will work in next few days and my last three steps.
This was the most important had for me. After a bunch of bad hands I min-raised preflop on the button with pocket jacks.  Chip leader went all in and I called. I doubled up and moved to a second place with 4,118 in chips.

This was the final hand. I was not in the pot, but I was happy to see my opponets go all-in when the small blind decided to make a move, and go all-in preflop with Q,8 for 2,557. Big blind didn't think for a long time with his aces.

Wish me luck. I still have to play Steps 8,9 and 10.  From each steps top two players move to a next step. 3rd and 4th get a free ticket to replay the same step.  In Step 10, top two players win Aruba Classic package $8,500.

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