Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Hand - The Best Poker Hand

Did you meet a poker player without a stupid "favorite hand"? We all have them, but lately I started to play favorite hands of my poker friends. When you play your friends hand you have to play it like a pocket aces and raise preflop, bet the flop even if you miss it ...

Last night after I spent two hours with Mariza at the Union Theater, I stopped at Mike's game. Played about 90 minutes and left a $100 richer. We played Omaha8 pot limit, and I got a nice pot about $420 when I made a straight holding KK98. Flop was J,10,4, turn 7 and a blank river.

Just two hands later came an interesting hand. I had 9,6,4,3. A mother of all favorite hands. I had it all.
Baraboo Bob's 6,3
Ted's "bum-bum" 6,4
Randy's 9,3
And the best favorite hand of them all, my "midnight special" 9,6.

I said: "Boys, I have a big one ... wooow !!!"
They knew, and everyone asked "What 9,9,6,6?"
I said "No, it's much better than 9,6 I'll win this hand."
The flop was 6,6,9 and they all looked at me. Action was over, and they knew that I have 9,6, and I knew that the pot can't be big now.
I bet $10, and only Swen called. I thought he may have something like 7,8,A,2.
Turn was a 8 and I bet $20, but after 8 on the river I had to check.

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