Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Week 13-2009 Racial Profiling

Uff ... It started with a bad beating Monday at Ho-Chunck. I lost at least seven pots to an Asian calling station, including a hand when I flopped the set and he called my $125 bet on the turn to catch gutshot straight. I lost $780, and I was upset for about 10 minutes and decided that in the future I'll play every time at that guys table and I'll make a lot of money.

I didn't have to wait long time. Friday night I found him and set at the table on his right. Two hours later I sent him home.

Saturday was even better. I was at the table with another Asian guy. He had about $700 in chips, but I sent him home, or to a blackjack table. While going for refreshment I noticed at one table Max, another Asian player with a pile of chips. Three hours later I sent him home for more money. I cashed out that night over $2000.

This works good. Just get me an Asian gambler at the table and I know pots will be big and I'll make some money.

Sunday after my regular coffee shop ritual, I didn't know what to do, so I went to Ho-Chunk again. I played for nine hours, and had to buy in for $940, and cashed out $930. It was painful.

Week 13 ended positive, and I made $1630. That closed the month, and the first quarter of 2009. I played 64 sessions and recorded 40 wins and lost 24 times, wining $86 per session. Out of 14 weeks, there were nine positive and five loosing. In 424 hours I made $5,505, for an average of $13 per hour. My goal is an average of minimum $200 per session. If I cut a few bluffs per session I can be on $200 goal.

If someone can guarantee you $13 per hour for playing cards and having fun, you may think it's a good deal, but .... I don't. Just by analyzing this numbers I can see what I have to change in my game, so I can move to $33/hour or more.

Amount Win Loss Difference
$100 9 8 $100
$200 7 2 $1,000
$300 7 6 $300
$400 3 1 $800
$500 5 2 $1,500
$600 5 2 $1,800
$700 1 1 $0
$800 0 5 -$4,000
$1,100 2 0 $2,200
$1,200 0 1 -$1,200
$1,300 1 0 $1,300
$1,600 1 0 $1,600

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