Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 15-2009

My regular Monday game was canceled, so I went after work to Ho-Chunk and played painful eight hours and made $3.

Tuesday game was exciting. I was playing good and had some good cards. In one hand I folded pocket nines when an opponent re-raised another $80. He had aces and my fold was good, but ... the first card on the flop was 9. Then I got three hands in a row KK, QQ, KK. With queens I re-raised Mat to $200 and he folded. Next hand the same situation, Mat raised to $60, I went $200, and he went all in. My first thought was pocket aces, but I called another $250. Mat had aces, and I couldn't get lucky. I was down to $200, but I played good and cashed out plus $550.

Wednesday I played only 90 minutes at Mike's game and made $100.

Thursday night was long and useless. Cashed out only $40 plus.

Weekend at Ho-Chunk was a murder. Friday night Arthur, the dealer gave me three hands in a row set on the flop, but then came running cards for the flush. Same thing continued on Saturday and I just couldn't win a hand wit good cards. Sunday not much better but I made $100.

Before this weekend, in last 16 sessions I had fifteen wins and lost only once $200. I made $4186, with an average of $260 per session. I lost this week $400, and this was my second negative week in the last seven weeks.

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