Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Better Lucky Than Good

This hand was part of my "year end comaback". On Sunday 11/16/08, I was playing with the "Badger Poker" crowd. I was in for only $80, and after four hours of playing I had about $850. I was in the late position when Bruce raised $12, two calls and I raised to $42. I didn't like the flop, so after Bruce checked I made a bet $100. Turn card made a streight, and Bruce pushed two stacks $200. I knew I was beaten ..... Mad I pounded on the table and I heard my voice "All In". It was another $700. Why? I don't know, probably that was Tin Cup inside me.

Sorry for this bad beat buddy, but .... I had 16 outs on the river. 8 cards(5,10) makes a steight on the board, and a split pot. I also had 3 sixes, 3 nines and 2 Kings to win the pot.

There was not much I could beat in this hand. Bruce raised pre flop, so if he had a pocket pair like fives or tens he made a streght on the turn, and pair of sixes, sevens or nines gives him a set and I have only two outs left. All I could beat was the pocket pair of Queens or Jacks.

I admit my all in was a mistake, and I got lucky. But sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

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