Monday, March 16, 2009

Week 11-2009

After a good start, and having winning games first five days of the week Saturday and Sunday at Ho-Chunk were losing days.

Most of the Friday night I was up about $400, but I stayed too long in the game, because of the friend at the same table. In one of the last hands I lost $300 with pocket aces when 7,4 called my $20 pre flop raise. Few minutes later the same player beat my friend again making a call with 7,2.

Most of the Saturday I played from behind after loosing twice to a straight flush when I had ace high flush. After getting back some of my money at the end of the night I moved to a "high action" table with Ted, "Baraboo" Bob, "Wild" Bill, Jim Ekman, Dan, Reggie currently know as "Babylon" and two other unknown guys. The game was loose with many big pots. From the beginning I couldn't get more than 9,3 and 5,2... so I played just a few hands. One of the bigger pots was when Dan got a set of eights on the turn and called Reggie’s all in, and won about $1800. In the next hand I had A,K and lost $200 in three way all in to Reggie’s pocket queens.

Sunday was boring and I just couldn’t win any bigger pot. At the end I made a Tin Cup move that cost me $300. In a slow game I raised $5 with pocket jacks. That was re-raised to $15, with 3 callers. Flop 10,8,4 I bet $15; Turn was 7 ..... I bet $45, followed by raise $245. It's all in for me. I guessed, after preflop re-raise, he has pocket kings if not tens for a set, but I decided to call with four outs to make a straight and 2 outs for a set of jacks. River was was blank and pocket kings sent me home.

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