Monday, March 2, 2009

Year 2008 Review

Year 2008 was a big disappointment. After having a good second half in 2007, I set my goals to double up my success in the next year. It started good, and by Feb-11 I was up over $4000. Than came a big loss at Potawatomi. That was followed by six months long rollercoaster of ups and downs. Most of the games I was card dead, and I was not able to put 2-3 winning sessions together. Bad beats and bad cards became daily standard. February and March were loosing months, followed by three positive months but the total for the first half of the year was negative $500.

July was a good month +$1275, and the year total was positive again. August I played 14 sessions and only three were positive. Cards were still running bad for me so I decided to slow down and play less. After skipping first three weeks in September I played five loosing sessions for total of 10 hours and -$450. I quit.
Next time I played October-23. In that week I recorded 4 loosing and one winning ($550) session. Total for October, 5 sessions, 20 hours, and -$240. Should I quit, or …?

Again pause for two weeks. Then Nov-16 I went to Badger Bowl game. I started the game with $80 and cashed out $1520. There was a big pot of $1760 where I gave a bad beat to Bruce. From that day everything was fine and I ended November with 14 sessions, 60 hours and +$4000.

After loosing $1630 in December, I finished the year positive and making $1638. That was not even close to my goals for the year. I played 240 times for 1214 hours, so I made $1.35 per hour. I had 140 loosing games, and won 100 times. You can not make living by playing poker like this.

2008 Totals:
Online poker:
Cash games:
Big win/lose
Ho-Chunk Casino
Potawatomi Casino
Badger Bowl
Potawatomi Casino
Badger Bowl
Ho-Chunk Casino
Potawatomi Casino
Ho-Chunk Casino
Potawatomi Casino
Potawatomi Casino

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