Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bad play pays off for Mr. Wegas

Quote: Edvard G. Robionson in The Cincinnati Kid as Lancey Howard:  "Gets down to what it's all about, doesn't it? Making the wrong move at the right time." Clcik for video

It's Friday about midnight. Previous post described the action we had at the table. I was in for $500, and I had over $1,000 in front of me when the hand of the night happened.

The "wrong move" is my middle name.

We had two new players at the big blind and the dealer's button. I was in small blind and even my  looked good I didn't want to raise. It was limped pot pre flop with only $10. Under the gun was the player who was lucky most of the night. He hit a few river cards and had about $1400. The fifth player was always complicated Baraboo Bob.

I flopped two pair, but decided to check. Big blind checked and UTG made a $5 bet called by Bob and the dealer.  I decided to wait for more money in the pot before raising, and also I didn't want to be pot committed and surprised by a flush card. I just called the bet, and BB folded.

The turn card couldn't help anyone, so I checked hoping someone will make a "move".  I didn't have to wait long. UTG made a $100 bet. I'm showing here his pair of nines, but we never saw his hand. Later he said he had pocket nines. Bob also claimed one nine, so the turn card was one outer. I thought Bob is fishing here when he called $100, so he was no danger for me. I was confused with $100 bet into $30 pot. I know the player, and usually he overbets the pot with his flush or straight draw. I saw him doing that many times. The best hand I could put him on was

Than boom ... the new player on my right said all in for $320.  OK something is wrong here. It was limped pot and now there is $550.  I newer saw him before, and I had to put him on a set.  I had only $7 in the pot.  I looked at my stack. I had over $1000 and if I lose here $320 I'll have $700, still $200 plus from my buy in.  There was something in the air and I decided to call.  I was sure UTG player will cal and I hope to get some chips from him.  I know many more conservative players would fold here, but not Mr. Wegas. Then another boom .... UTG said "I raise $320 more."  Wait a moment ... min-raise (even it's $320), what is that?  Bob folded.  For two minutes I was thinking why he didn't push all in.  What does that raise mean?  Why am I still in this hand. Why didn't I go home with my profit? I hate this game, ... I'm all in.

He called. Total pot was $2500. When the case ace hit the river I didn't realise what happened. He screamed, and slamed his cards in the muck, took the rest of his chips and walked away repeating "two pair ..."  We didn't see his hand. He said he had par of nines. He was so loud and I had to reply with "And you want to crack my two pair with pair of nines?"  Player on the button had the same hand so we split the main pot. I took over $1900.

Yes, I admit I got lucky but ....  Let me tel you something. I am convinced that he missed his draw, and made up pocket nines.  Also this was not ordinary game. We were playing for hours big pots with any two card, so my two pair had to be good. 

Quote Edvard G. Robionson in The Cincinnati Kid as Lancey Howard:
Gets down to what it's all about, doesn't it? Making the wrong move at the right time.

My name is Mr. Wegas, and I am "the wrong move" addict.

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