Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mr. Wegas Takes Ho-Chunk Texas Hold'em Tournament

July 4th Ho-Chunk casino in Wisconsin Dells had a $100 buy in Texas Hold'em tournament. It was limited to 50 players, top five paid, and the first place prize was 40%, $2080 with two alternate players. After five hours of very skilful plays I had about 80% of all chips in front of me, and across the table a guy who was getting premium hands all night. He had pocket aces five times, and AK or AQ almost every other hand. Still I was a chip leader with over 125,000 and he had about 30,000.

The first hand heads-up he folded. In the second hand I had 4,3 off suit and I folded to his all in. Next hand I was the dealer. My first card was a King, and it was enough for me to say all in. He jumped happy from his seat, said “I call” and showed A,10. My second card was 5. I thought he has better hand, but he can't hit. The first card on the flop was 5 of diamonds …. and the tournament prize was in my pocket.

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