Monday, July 26, 2010

Heartland Poker Tour at Majestic Star

No cigar for Mr. Wegas.

I left home Thursday about noon, and came back Sunday evening. This trip was fun. I played a lot of poker, killed the cash game, but no luck in tournament. It's all my fault. I was not patient enough. I played for three hours but not many hands. Tournament had four groups of 100 players and each group played eight levels, down to about 35 players that will continue playing Sunday. Final six will play Monday for prizes. Forty places are paid and first place gets $144,000. Friday morning in group A I noticed the last year champion Bob Whalen from Cudahy, WI. I went to say hello, and told him "don't make a habit of winning this." Bob smiled saying "I'm trying."

I decided to buy in $1,350 for Friday evening group B. We started with 15,000 chips, and after a few good starting hands (pocket sevens, AK ..) I had to fold to a bigger raise on the flop, I was down to 11,000. Than came a good gambling hand and I decided to cal pre-flop re-raise. I was sure he had pocket aces, and decided to gamble with my "aces cracker". Flop was No hearts, but I called his 1,000 bet. On the turn came and I raised his bet to 3,000. He called fast, and I knew he is not folding on the river. The river was and I made a bet 6,000. I don't know what scared him (board paired) and he folded. I had 18,000 felt that my game is coming back.

Well, not that fast. For next 90 minutes I didn't win one pot, and lost some chips chasing the flush. After the break I had 14,000. First player busted out and we got a new player with a big stack. I picked up Blinds were 300/600 and the new player made it 1,200 UTG. Min raise ... what is it? Small pair or a bad ace ...? Everyone folded so I decide to gamble and pushed all in. He was thinking forewer and when I made impatient move he said "call" and fliped Board was ten high, and I had enough strength to say "good luck guys".

Phil Hellmuth may question my pre-flop all in move, but I don't play like Phil. Phil doesn't play like I do, and Phil has eleven bracelets.

While I was playing tournament three of my poker friends arrived from Madison, Ted, Sven, Dan W. They played some satellites, and the cash game. That night I stayed in the cash game till 5am. After midnight game was wild with some local guys. We were raising $25 pre flop with 92, and played any two cards. To illustrate the game, here is the last hand of the night. I had and called $20 pre flop raise. Three of us saw the flop Small blind checked. The BB made it $50, and both of us called. On the turn came and all three of us went all in. SB had and BB had and the river card was .

Saturday and Sunday I did good in the cash game. Sven made it deep in the tournament, and when I left he was in the last 44 players. Later I found on the web site that he finished 24th. Click for the results

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