Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fish Fry at Ho-Chunk

Friday night after work normal people go home, have a fish fry and a few beers with their friends. I'm not that normal, and usually I spend my Friday night frying a different kind of fish at the Ho-Chunk casino poker room.

Yesterday I arrived from work about 5pm, and Baraboo Bob called me to join his table. The table was packed with action players, and chips were flying around since noon.  I lost my initial buy-in $300 fast when my all in on the turn with was beaten by the “lucky guy” and his . Board was . Re-buy $200.

A few minutes later “lucky guy” went all in on the turn with against Roger and his set of sixes. On the board we had . River card was a heart, and the pot was close to $1200.

I had two interesting hands with Baraboo Bob. In the first hand Bob raised pre-flop with  and I called with on the button. On the flop Bob made a $50 bet, and folded to my all in for about $170. I showed my deuce.

Little later on the button I had , so I raised $10. Bob made it $50. The flop gave us a rainbow . Bob check-raised me $100. I looked at him and the flop for a minute and said all in. Bob showed and smiled when he saw my nines. Nice try buddy. This started my comeback.

It's always funny when you hit a big flop and someone can't let go their pair. I called $10 pre flop raise with . Flop hit me, and the only question was if the raiser had pocket queens. He made a  $10 bet and  I raised to $40. He hesitated and called and I knew that the pot is mine. Than funny card came and he checked. What now? I didn't want to scare the customer so I bet only $15 and he again just called. The river card was  he checked, and called my $50 bet with his .  I got $250 pot and the money clip with Ho-Chunk logo for quads.

After a few hands the same player raised again $10 pre flop. I looked at I and raised to $40. Rodger, who was not lucky tonight, but played bad as usual went all in for $172, and the raiser called with $150. I said "let's gamble" and called. Original raiser showed . The board was seven high, rainbow. Pot was about $500. Rodger mucked his hand and walked away.

For the best hand of the night check the next post "Bad play pays off for Mr. Wegas"

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