Sunday, May 24, 2009


This was a long Saturday at Ho-Chunk. I played 11 hours and made only $240.

Natalia, a tall atractive girl from Milwaukee came to my table and in the first hand got lucky.
I looked at my pair and said "pocket deu' never loo' " and raised $12 pre flop. On the turn I made a $65 bet, and when Natalia started to push all her chips in the pot I said twice "Don't". She looked at me a asked "What?". I was trying to save her $120, but she got help with the river card. Later she played a good poker, and cashed out about $700.

My roller coaster continued, win small pots, loose on the river with the made hands. I lost three times to Bud when he had A,K.

About 2am, Dino came to my table. Dino plays any two cards including 2,3 off suit, but he is much better singer than the poker player and it's always fun having him at the table. Dino and his family are members of The Rumba Kings band. After this hand Dino left. On the turn I maid $35 bet, and the guy on my right said "All in" out of turn. Dino than went all in for $96 and the other guy changed his all in to "fold".

Click here to see more of Dino and The Rumba Kings.

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