Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Leaving Fun Town (Belgrade)

My vacation lasted three weeks. Can't wait to get back to Madison and play some poker again.

Last night I went again to SkyPoker Club with Alek, an old friend. There was a re-buy tournament. Initial buy in was 500 dinars ($7), with $4.50 re-buys first 75 minutes. Only three tables, but it was fun. I had a plan to play it "online style" with Allin-Rebuy from the first hand, but ... I got lucky in some hands, and most of the time everyone folded. I had enough chips and never had a chance for re-buy. Than just before the break I made a tin cup play, and gave away half of my stack to my buddy Alek.

There was total of 55 re-buys, and 15 add-ons. Top four places are paid, with first place prize of about $220. Not bad for the economy where doctors make $400 per month. I had fun playing with young and un experienced players. When I was moved to another table there was Aco (a.k.a. Janez), probably the best player in the club. My set of eights was not good, so I lost another half of my stack. Then I started going All In. First with pocket sevens, and got no call. Than with pocket deuces, and made a set to beat Aco and his pocket Kings.

I started to build my stack, and with a few bluffs and steals I built my stack to over 25,000. The final table and Aco is on my right. He got a couple of bad beats, but he kept coming back and building his stack.

Than ... Aco went All In. I picked up a par of Kings, and he showed his Queens. As you can guess first card on the flop was the Queen, and I was out. I wished everyone a good luck, and went home to star packing.

I'm glad I met guys at the SkyPoker Club. Nice crowd and I wish to all of them big pocket pairs, and big stacks.

Badgers, Mr. Wegas is coming home.

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