Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 20-2009

Monday Mike can't get any players for the game so I went to Ho-Chunk. For seven hours I couldn't get one pair, so I lost $270.
Tuesday Good game and enough action with Randy(old), but no cigar and I lost $100.
Friday $100 buy in tournament at the Red Mouse with 90 players. I went out after 15 minutes with JJ against KK. I re raised pre flop, and he went all in. I knew I'm not good, but let's gamble, there is always a cash game. It didn't work so I'm on my way to Scot's home game.
At Scot's place I found our regular crowd. In the second hand I was all in for $200 and re buy. One hour later I ran into two sets in a row, so I'm in for $1000. About midnight I'm down $800. Than it started. One of the players went out to smoke a joint. He came back "refreshed" so he decided to go all in pre flop. I called with KK and got his $400. Few minutes later another all in with the only black guy in Madison who can ski and play hockey. I have my thousand back. When we switched game to PLO I won a few nice pots without losing a big hand.
Game ended at 5am, and I cashed out $1900.
Saturday Ho-Chunk poker room was packed thanks to a horse race. We all watched Rachel Alexander wining Preakness Stakes. Poker slow and boring. Up $200, and cards just stopped. About midnight our table broke so I was moved to a new table. I thought it's better to go home and get some sleep. My second hand was my best play of the week.

The kid with about $600 raised pre flop $10, and got four calls. I was SB so on the flop I made $20 bet, and only the kid called.
Turn was blank, so I decided to end the hand there and bet $65.
The kid started to play with chips, made a pile of $65, than made a move like he wants’ to fold, than counted another $100, and ... finally made a $65 raise???
Wow ... what ..., but I called.
On the river with three spades on the board, and the possible straight I had to check.
The kid pushed $100 so fast that it didn't look right. Why not all in?
I repeated a few times "$10", "$10" ... thinking that the pre flop raise and the cards on the board don’t match. Set of nines, and just calling my flop bet??? No.
Than I showed my "8", looked at Andy the dealer, and said "It's your fault. All I could beat was pair of sevens and now with this 6 on the river ..."
But that $10 pre flop was the problem. He has AK, and the Tin Cup inside me said "Call". He was slow showing his hand and I knew the pot is mine. I heard "Nice call".
While collecting chips I said "Just a kid with the dream".

It was a good week, 31 hour and $885.

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