Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Never check the best hand

I went yesterday after work to Ho-Chunk. My plan was to play 3-4 hours and go to bed before midnight. Well .....
When I set at the table there was one half drunk player from Canada. He was having fun pushing $100 into $4 pot, and about $600 in chips. Most of the table were weak players waiting for a big hand. On my left I had Kevin H. a nice young guy, I met last year also at the table.

I was in for $180, and fast had another $300 re buy, but 90 minutes later I had over $900. It all came from the drunk who was playing wild. I made a few calls with only middle and bottom pair knowing he is betting any two cards. Than after I lost two big pots I had to re buy $300 again. I'm in for $780 and I see that I'm not going early to bed like I planned.

First I had pocket Aces and on the 10,10,9 board drunk made a bet followed by $50 raise. I raised another $200 ... and heard "all in". I folded fast and he showed pocket nines. After that came a long period of bad cards, and I was down to $300.

The second one was my own fault. Kevin raised pre flop. I made a nice bet on the flop hoping for one more spade. When on the turn I got the spade I checked. Don't ask me why. I put Kevin on the big pair based on his raise, and I thought he may have K or Q of spades. My check gave him a boat, so when I bet $100 he went all in. Re buy.
The drunk lost all his chips. He had two re buys and rebuild his stack again to over $1000. I changed the seat and set on his lef(seat management). Immediately I got a few nice hands, and about 12:30am cashed out $960. The drunk guy was down to $200.

The moral of the story: Never, never and absolutely never check the best hand on the turn.

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