Monday, May 25, 2009

Week 21-2009 Seat management

I canceled my trip to Milwaukee and Kenosha and went to Ho-Chunk. It was about 3pm and they just started a $50 buy in tournament. Rich, the floor person, asked me do I want to play. I told him I don’t like the tournament, but he repeated that he can get me in if I want it. Hmmm … I thought for a while about it and said to myself “He wants’ me to play, is this a sign I’m going to win?” So, I said “OK I’ll play.” I lasted one hour, without making a pair. Than I went all in with my A,Q and the board 8,5,4 and got eliminated by A,4 off suit. That’s why I don’t play small tournaments.

Seat management
When I got a seat at the cash game table there were some nice stacks. Surrounded with the local players the chip leader was a guy from Milwaukee in seat 9. He regularly plays at the Potawatomi Casino and you can recognize him by the long hair and the pony tail. There was over $700 in front of him. With nine players I got a seat number 8. Bobby g on my right asked me to switch seats, because he can not see the board well. Bobby is a gentleman from Madison and I agreed to accommodate him. Well … I started with 9,2; 6,2; 8,3 …. while Bobby was getting some nice pocket cards. Milwaukee guy was aggressive and raised every hand pre flop $25. I felt lost. Just by paying blinds and a few raises my stack went from $200 to $120. I have to do something, re buy or …
Than the player in seat 3 left and I said “seat change.” This when it all started.

I won a few smaller pots and started raising $20 pre flop with some nice hands. With AK of spades I got the flop J,7,6 all spades, and doubled up. Than I got a set of queens and sent the Milwaukee guy to ATM machine. I had over $600.

Seat number 2 was interesting. Two players came and left after they tripled up in abut 20 minutes. I told that observation to Swen who was on my left, and I moved to that seat. Well it’s all about the seat. I won another three big pots over $1000 each. It was not the, cards or my good play but the mistakes of my opponents.

First I got in the hand with Bobby G. and he decided that his top pair is good for all in.

Just a few hands later I flopped two pair and my opponent bet $35. I made it a hundred to see if has J,8. He called, but checked the turn card. Weak or not sure? … I went all in, and he called about $500, turned his cards and said “two pair.” He had only one pair (he never checked back his hand), but he had a flush draw.

I had a bad position and almost folded my suited 8,7 but decided to call pre flop raise by Asian guy who irritated me earlier. Then I saw the flop and didn’t know how to make him pay me. I just called his $50 bet. On the turn he made another $50 bet and looked away into big screen TV. There was no story on the board and he can guess my 8,7 …. What to do? I said all in … and he fast called for another $350, and left without showing his hand.

That was the magic seat. I cashed out $2000.

The week started hard week for me. I had so many bad beats, and some I described in previous posts: Can't Win, The Letter, and Again. I played 30 hours and made $825 thanks to a few bad plays of my opponents, but that’s all part of the game.

Free tip from Mr. Wegas: If the things are not going good, seat management is crucial at the table.

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