Sunday, June 28, 2009

Online Sunday

I woke up about noon, checked my email and ... instead going to a coffee shop I decided to try luck online.
I played a $25 satellite for Ultimate Bet Sunday $200K tournament.
I made it into the main tournament but only with some luck.

About 5 minutes before the break I made a raise UTG. Guy with a pair of eights went all in, followed by a call. I won a nice pot and decided I don't need an add on. After the add on period I was a chip leader with $8000. Just before this hand I decided to steal the blinds with A,6 and ran into a pocket pair and lost half of my stack. I was down to about $2500. A,J was good enough for all-in, and got the cal lfrom Q,Q .... but there always is a river. A few hands later top 11 advanced to a main tournament played at 4:30pm. I'll go now to a coffee shop and relax.
Update: $200K tournament.
It started good. We had $3000 in chips. I had some good cards AK, AQ, pocket tens .. but no flop.
In my last hand I raised pre flop with A,10 suited. Flop was A,5,5, turn 5.
My opponent had A,5 and I was out.

Depressed I entered one $20 Aruba satellite.
I'm card dead and bound for re buy. Poker (luck) is a weird game. I was down to $590, in BB $300. Someone raised. I had $290 chips left and said to my self "OK I'll re buy, at least I'm suited." Next hand I had AA. Three players all in so I end up fifth in chips with $4900. Blinds were going up every 5 minutes. I'm getting no cards, so I finished seventh, and didn't make it to a $500 Aruba Super Satellite. There are still three months to play satellites.
It was 6:30pm and I thought to go out since the weather is so nice, or ... how about another online game.
I picked up $20 PLO tournament.
There was only 31 player, and 5 spots paid, but I thought it's a good opportunity to practice the game.

After first few bad hands I made a nut flush with two nines on the board. There was to much checking so I decided to gamble and went all in. I got one call and the chip lead.I folded this one pre flop, and missed a huge pot. This was was PLO game, but this hand is perfect to scoop the Hi/Low pot. After a bunch of non playable hands I finished 9th with a bad beat on the river.

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