Monday, June 1, 2009

Week 22-2009

I played total of 34 hours for $170, an average of $5 per hour.
Before the weekend I was up $490.
Friday night at Ho-Chunk was the set back. It started good and I was up $550 after one hour. Than the cards stopped and by 3:30am I was down $670.
This spoiled also my May total that was promising to be the best month of the year. Still, I have to be satisfied that all four weeks this month were positive. This month I played 133 hours averaging $20 per hour. In last 9 weeks I made money in 8, and 11 times in last 13 weeks.
Saturday was the long day at Ho-Chunk. I was down $300, when about 3am I flopped the straight, against two pair. That hand gave me my money back and I left after playing 10 hours with the profit of $45.
Sunday was similar. I was in the command of the table and up $350 when cards just stopped. Re buy $300, and one more, so I was in for $700. At the end I got this hand in the small blind. I almost folded pre flop, but got lucky to flop two pair. When my $10 bet was raised to $60 I didn't know what to put him on. Is it set of threes or A,10? This guy was playing loose for the last two hours. Usually in moments like this tin cup in side me screams "All in". I got the call and $950 pot. I played four hours, I was up $300 so I decided to go home and get some sleep.

Quote Edvard G. Robionson in The Cincinnati Kid as Lancey Howard:
Gets down to what it's all about, doesn't it? Making the wrong move at the right time.

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