Thursday, June 11, 2009

Watersmeet tournament

I'm on my way to Watersmeet, MI for The No Limit Texas Hold'em LVD Poker Challenge. This is a quarterly tournament with $330 buy in I played a few times. My best result was 19th place, just two spots short from the money. There is usually 150-200 players and the first place prize is $15,000.

Lac Vieux Desert Casino. For information call 800.583.3599

Poker Room is open Thursday-Sunday 5pm-2am. They have bonus hand payouts for Royal Flush, Straight Flush, and 4-of-a-kind, and the Bad Beat Jackpot. For every hour you play in the poker room you'll receive 50 points on your Superior Club card!
Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments every Sunday starting at 2 p.m. (goes till about 6:00pm) CT. The tournament buy-in is $60, and pays the first five places, with first place receiving a seat in the Quarterly $330 tournament, plus a cash prize ranging between $800-$1,000.

I recommend to everyone to visit local attractions Bond Falls, and Paulding Lights.

Bond Falls located just 10 miles north from the casino. (Location B on the map)

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The Paulding lights of Michigan (Location C on the map)
The myths and legends behind the ghost light frequently sited between Watersmeet and Paulding, Michigan remain a mystery to many witnesses. What are the Paulding Lights? Because no exact science has determined its origin this spectrum is a witnessed phenomenon. Seen on almost every clear night the lights illuminate the skies between Watersmeet and Paulding.

Consistent reports of colors ranging from red, white, green, and yellow are common among witnesses. Other colors that have been seen within the Paulding Lights are blue and purple. It is said the light takes many forms from stars to diamond shaped, to circular or beams are the most frequent recalled. However, claims of a campfire amber or just radiant glows are not uncommon. It is said the Paulding Lights have been overbearingly bright to flickering dim. The longevity has been reported to vary as well. Some have claimed to observe the light for a quarter of an hour while others only seeing it for seconds.

There is no definite conclusion on the Paulding Lights. No one really knows when the lights first came into existence. One factor that is certain, the Paulding Lights do exist. Many people have tried to uncover the mystery behind the lights. The simple explanations by skeptics that swamp gas or headlights are the foundation have been ruled out by most who have witnessed the light. Trickery or human manipulation are also abandoned theories because the light has existed this long. The area where the Paulding Lights can be seen is a welcome mat to the public. The Michigan Forest Service has placed signs around the area to direct spectators to the best viewing spots. Robins Pond Road is four miles north Watersmeet off U.S. 45 south of Paulding. The lights can be seen all year around.
Address: Robbins Pond Rd, Watersmeet - Paulding, MI
Directions: Western upper peninsula on the edge of Wisconsin. Go North on US Hwy 45 towards Paulding. It is 4.5 miles out of Watersmeet (past the casino). Watch for a road on the left side of 45 named "Robbins Pond Road" (old state hwy 45), there is usually a brown park sign right before. Turn left on Robbins Pond Road. Follow the gravel road down about 3/8 mile until you see the dead end/barricade. At night there are usually people there -- otherwise just sit and wait.

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